Leave the hard stuff to us.

Step 1:  Fill out our form above and tell us about your home. 
Step 2:  We will contact you and talk about the home, setup an appointment to do a walk-through.
Step 3:  We make an offer that works for both parties and sign a real estate contract.
Step 4:  We will take the contract to the title company and let them do their magic.
Step 5: Pick your move-out date and schedule a closing.

By selling to us you do not have to deal with commissions from agents and other middlemen.  The home is sold as-is so no repairs or updates will be requested. We are professionals and do not nickle and dime you over everything.  We are able to assess the repairs on a home and our first offer is our final offer.  That is the difference between working with a real estate professional opposed to a family just looking to purchase their new home.



About us:

Thank you for visiting our website.  We are a family of 3 that buys, rehabs, and rent out homes.  Our business is built upon helping others and solving their real estate problems.  We are here to help and always looking for new homes to purchase and would love to help you. We believe that being honest and having integrity is the key to building a great business.

If you are stuck in a situation and need to sell your home, please call us or fill out the form above.

Distressed seller

This home was sold to us in major distress.  The seller was having emotional and family issues.  We were able to purchase and offer her 3 months of free rent to help.  The home had foundation issues, snakes, wasps infestation...the works. 

We were able to keep them from foreclosure, saved their credit, they came out on top with cash too.  This was truly a great deal for everyone, this is the reason we love what we do!

Bad memories

This home reminded the seller of a past marriage and did not feel like a home anymore.  The house needed paint/carpet/kitchen remodel and new flooring.  We were also able to give her 3 months of free rent after the sale of the home.

This seller was able to move on and start a new life.  The home was no longer a burden, she did not have to do any repairs and was able to sell it on her own terms.


Health problems

This home was sold to us by a beautiful elderly couple.  They had initially tried selling it on the market with no luck.  We were able to make them an offer and they accepted it.  The home needed Foundation, drainage work, and interior painting.

Upon sale of the home the couple was able to focus on a family member with health issues in addition to purchasing a new home.



The Tired landlord

This 4plex was owned by an elderly couple that also had a small bed/breakfast in the Caribbeans.  The property was just too much of a headache for the couple and they needed someone to take over quickly.

We closed on this property in 20 days.  The seller never had to leave the Caribbeans, it was easy and simple!

elderly landlord

This home was a rental and the landlords were needing to sell it as-is.  It had foundation issues, the floors and walls had cracks.  The landlords just needed an easy and quick sale.

We closed on this house in 3 days with cash in hand, the landlords were able to cash out on their investment, we placed a great tenant inside the home and everyone wins! We love real-estate.

a beautiful family



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