The long term plan home #3

This home came with a unique set of problems to solve.  Our goal as real estate investors is to help you get out of your situation and move on with your life.  Sometimes a home can hold you back from moving forward.  This was the case...

The owner had reached out to us because this house reminds her of a past marriage.  She did not want to continue living in the it and also did not have the funds to get the it up to retail standards.  

The home had been neglected and in need of repairing.  She was in no position to maintain it properly so thats when we offered to purchase it.  She needed time to find another place so we asked the title company to draft a document that allowed her 3 months of free rent after the sale of the home.  

She did not have to stress over the sale of her home and had adequate time to find a new home.  Investors are really out there to help you, don't let anyone tell you we are here to rip you off.  We are people too, we have families and understand that everything is not always black and white when it comes to real estate.  

The numbers: 
Purchase Price: $58k
Rehab $10k

Loan Amount: $55k
Market Value: $120K
Equity: $65k

Rental Rate: $1200/month